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    How do I access record group 45 roll 134 of Navy Records, 1789 to 1925?


      I am researching my ancestor William Jarrett who arrived in Hawaii via the USS Vincennes. I am researching to try and find his parents. I am hoping to find any relevant information through the Navy records.

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          Hi -



          When you refer to "roll 134", are you referring to rolls of microfilm, or the designation of a muster or pay roll?


          If you want to view the muster rolls or payrolls for ship and shore stations in RG45, those records are located at the Washington, DC facility, 700 Penn Ave NW, Wash, DC.


          You can explore those file descriptions in the NARA catalog - .


          Go to - http://catalog.archives.gov


          ...then search for these NARA ID numbers in the search field, they'll point you to a description of the file series and contact data

          NAID : 1813771 (Muster and Payrolls for US Navy Vessels)
          NAID : 1814571 (Muster Rolls and Payrolls of Shore Stations)


          Some of those rolls may be on microfilm.  Additionally, you may wish to look for more muster rolls and vessel log books in Record Group 24 (located at both Wash, DC and College Park, MD facilities, depending on date range).


          Good luck...  this is how I'd do it as a researcher.  Staff may have more suggestions.

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            Research Services at the National Archives Tracker

            Dear Mr. Jarrett,


            Thank you for sharing your question with the History Hub.


            The records you are interested in are part of National Archives Microfilm Publication T829 “Miscellaneous Records of the Office of Naval Records and Library.”


            You may view T829 in the Microfilm Reading Room (Room 4050) at the National Archives in College Park, MD. Current reading room hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, except legal holidays. Prior to you visit, please consult our website to confirm operating hours and to find further helpful information.


            You can also find many useful tips here on the History Hub; this blog entry, for example, includes a step-by-step guide to accessing microfilm at the National Archives in College Park: #ResearcherProTip: Microfilm Made Easy.


            Additionally, National Archives microfilm publications such as T829 are available on microfilm or to be digitized and placed on a DVD for $125 per roll/disk. You may order online at http://www.archives.gov/shop/. From this site, click on "Request & Order Reproductions Online." Select "microfilm." Type in the microfilm publication number such as T829 and click on "search." A listing of the publication title(s) will appear. Click on the name of the publication. That will take you to a summary page. On the right hand side of the page will be a pdf file. Click on "View Important Publication Details." This is a listing of the contents of the microfilm rolls. In the middle of the summary page, click on "Continue to Order" to purchase the rolls in which you are interested.


            Thank you, again, for posting your inquiry to the History Hub, and best of luck in your ongoing research.

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