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    WWI Draft Registration Cards - Microfilm




      Microfilm publication M1509I, roll MI1 to MI152 are WWI draft registration cards for Michigan.


      M1509I, roll MI18 (Target 2) to MI171 (Target 1) are cards for the city of Detroit.  The contents of these rolls are listed in the M1509 publication details.


      I found a second set of 60 microfilms for the city of Detroit on FamilySearch.  The contents of these rolls are not the same as on the M1509 microfilms.  This information is in the header of the first roll (FHL microfilm 2,023,655)




      Note: At some point in time the WWI Draft Registration Cards for Detroit City, Michigan were copied.  Both the original cards and the copies are on file at the National Archives in East Point, Ga.


      The filming of the copies has already taken place along with the rest of the WWI cards for Michigan on project # GA 0601A, rolls 1550–1603.  However, because of the many differences and discrepancies between the originals and the copies, and because there are many originals for which there are no copies, the director of NARA, Gayle Peters, has asked us to film the originals.


      The originals are much more accurate and complete than the copies.  All the original cards were arranged in Boards 1–26, the alphabetically within the board, i.e., Board 1:A–Z, etc.


      The original cards are being filmed with the project # of GA 0601A, from roll #'s 1551A forward.


      Does anyone know whether these films ever became a NARA microfilm publication, and if so, what that number (and roll numbers) would be?  I can't find anything about these in the online catalog (despite the headers having information on M1509).


      Thanks in advance for your help,