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    HUMP crashsite and recovery in Tibet: January 1944


      I'm looking for the USAAF personnel records of a C-87 aircraft that crashed in Tibet in January, 1944.  They were recovered in 1993 and 1994 by a combined US and Chinese expedition into the crashsite, a glaciated snow field and were subsequently identified and interred in 1998.


      I have gotten information from all the relatives but one--the crew chief, a Private who was married.  He was from Minnesota.


      I have also visited the AF Historical Research Agency, and seeking information from the TRANSCOM history folks at Scott AF Base, IL (records on transport and historical weather patterns in the Bay of Bengal--I'm seeking a forensic weather reason for the crash into Tibet, 400 miles north of their Jorhat, India base in the Brahmaputra valley.



      Does anybody know of a redundant source of these records--I'm talking to the curators of the HUMP museum at Warner Robbins AF Base, GA but I don't think they can help.  I've also talked with the HUMP Pilots Association--they've been very helpful, but no body who served at Jorhat during this period are understandably hazy on details.



      Bill Jordan