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    CW (Union) Substitute Soldiers

    Jill Morelli Wayfarer

      I will be coming to the DC archives to do research in July. I am interested in knowing if Union Civil War soldier, Jens Dahle, of the 2nd MN Co. of Sharpshooters, was a substitute soldier. Any tips on how to access these records?



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          Jonathan Deiss Scout

          Some data on Dahle can be located here, but you may already know of Wayne Jorgenson's work - First Minnesota . It appears to incorporate some of your work as well.


          However, if you want to view Dahle's Compiled Military Service Records, pension case-file, Carded Medical Record's etc, those can be requested at the National Archives facility in downtown Washington, DC (aka A1).  He will have one CMSR files, for the 1st Reg't Minnesota Infantry, to which the 2nd Reg't Minnesota Sharp Shooters were attached.  You need to fill out one form at A1 for the CMSR file, with soldier's name, unit designation, and that is is for Civil War.  You can also request the pension case-file using the same form.  Additionally, he will have some carded medical records which can be requested after consulting with an archivist.  If he was enlisted as a substitute, there should be notation of it in his CMSR and/or his pension case-file.


          The card below details his pension data which you can use to request the file :



          In the past I did some work on the 1st Minn, and actually have an old copy of his CMSR  - however, you may very well wan to view it yourself in person, as there may be more data associated with it that you can request (bookmark notations).  See this link : http://ow.ly/YiI330cLZ8Z

          Good luck.

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            Research Services at the National Archives Tracker

            Dear Ms. Morelli,


            Thank you for sharing your question with the History Hub.


            The National Archives has worked with both Ancestry.com and Fold3.com (an Ancestry company) to digitize many of our Civil War era records, including muster rolls, service indexes, and pension indexes. A quick search of each of these sites reveals several records for Jens Dahle. You can access both of these sites free of charge from any National Archives research facility.


            As indicated by Mr. Deiss, the original records are in the custody of the Textual Reference Branch at the National Archives in Washington, DC (Archives I). You can contact them directly at archives1reference@nara.gov with questions about the records. As you plan your visit, you may want to review our website for tips and further information: The National Archives in Washington, DC.


            The National Archives at Chicago also holds Record Group 110, Records of the Provost Marshal General’s Bureau (Civil War), that may include records relating to substitutes who served in Minnesota regiments. You may wish to contact them at chicago.archives@nara.gov.


            Best of luck with your continued research and with your visit to the National Archives, and thank you, again, for posting your inquiry to the History Hub.


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