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    Rik Reid

      how can i finf out about my family history ?

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          Larry Shockley
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            Research Services at the National Archives

            Begin by talking to all your older relatives. They are a treasure trove of information, and they’re usually quite happy that someone will listen to them talking about ‘’the old days.” They will give you lots of names that will help you begin to fill in your tree. They’ll tell you who was born when and where, when and where they died, among other things.

            Once you have this information in hand you’ll probably want to start going through microfilmed census records. You can usually get these through a local library, or through the various genealogy membership websites that are now online.This will help to confirm information you’ve gathered on who was born when, and where they lived at various times. This will eventually lead you to things like military records, school records, etc. As you begin this journey, come back here as often as necessary to ask us questions, and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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