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    Education resources?

    Kelly Go Wayfarer

      I'm a newly graduated middle school social studies teacher and I'm interested in introducing my class to cultural diversity. Can anyone recommend some good resources for me? Thank you!

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          Here at the National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution we have a lot of engaging material that deals with cultural diversity. Here's a good start: https://africa.si.edu/education/teacher-resources/


          Also, we recently added a page which I think could give you a visual assist when showing diversity. It's our Online video page. Here we offer four films which will give an interesting look into the cultures of Africa.

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            Hi Kelly - Congratulations and welcome to the world of teaching! At the National Archives, our education staff works a lot with the National Council for the Social Studies. Their Themes of Social Studies page is a good resource for thinking about how to introduce and teach cultural diversity in a variety of grades. We also invite you to check out our DocsTeach site — it's the online tool for teaching with documents from the National Archives. The documents, photographs, maps, posters, etc. all come from the holdings of the National Archives, and cover a wide range of topics in American and even world history. We also have pages devoted to popular topics, such as Rights in America, American Indians, and others. Additionally, you can find teaching activities (each with its own online student activity) created by us at the National Archives, but also by educators around the world (accessible once you are logged in). Your DocsTeach account can also be used to create your own primary source-based teaching activities, so you can completely customize your student lessons.

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