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    location of record group 0092


      Looking for the actual location of Record Group 0092 (OQMG), in particular, RG 92.4.3 (Records of the Clothing and Equipage Branch). Is it Archives I, Archives II, or somewhere else?

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          It is all at A1 (downtown); and try entry 2117 for the early material, but there isn't one single entry entitled "Records of the Clothing and Equipage Branch" except in that arcane finding aide which lists everything by that decimal system, - except entry 2218 (Report of Persons and Articles Employed and Hired at the Army Clothing and Equipage Branch) which is in Philadelphia regional. 

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            Yes, Jonathan is correct, those records would be at the National Archives at Washington, DC (also known as Archives 1). As he also noted, the Guide to Federal Records numbering system does not directly correspond to the entry numbers that we use to request records. There are quite a few series listed in the National Archives Catalog for "clothing and equipage" in Record Group 92. We suggest you search the National Archives Catalog within Record Group 92 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/421 for "clothing and equipage" (in quotes). This should help limit your results to the relevant series.

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