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    Nebraska homesteader article


      I have composed a 2300-word article about a Pennsylvania Civil War veteran who settled on a Nebraska homestead in the 1870s.  I am open to suggestions on submitting it to a publication or research website.  Thank you.

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          Thomas Richardson Navigator

          Mr. Czaplewski,


          Thank you for submitting your inquiry on the History Hub! There are some publication outlets that you can submit your manuscript, depending on the focus and content.


          For a Civil War focus, you can contact the Journal of the Civil War Era which is produced by the University of North Carolina Press. The journal publishes articles on a wide variety of topics from the war and post-war period and you can contact them at their website: http://journalofthecivilwarera.org/ 


          For a focus on Nebraska, the Midwestern History Association publishes the Studies in Midwestern History journal. They consider wide ranges of historical topics relating to Midwestern identity, history, and historiography. You can find their organization information and submission guidelines on their website also: Studies in Midwestern History — Midwestern History Association 


          You can also contact state historical societies and utilize their resources for local and regional history journals. They can possess a wealth of publishing information and help get you started.


          Good luck with your publishing efforts and thank you for using the History Hub!

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            Mr. Czaplewski,

            To add to Thomas Richardson's advice above, this seems like a biographical piece, so I would also recommend submitting it to the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography at https://hsp.org/publications/pennsylvania-magazine-of-history-biography/calls-for-papers.  They currently seem to be advertising calls for papers specifically involving food, but this would be a good place to seek publication in the future when the piece more specifically fits what they are seeking.  It's a really rigorous journal, and personally taught me much about the blind-peer review process and how to strengthen writing and research for it.


            Best of luck and thanks for your question!