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    How to get my request for cold war cetification of my late Dad wchich I am already apply this request at Department of u.s.Army  Major,u.s.Army Secretary of the Gen.staff  u.s.Army Human Resources command dated last Dec.14,2005  she forwarded my request a


      How to get my applications and request for cold war certification and medal award of my late Dad served on coldwar era form 1942 up to 1946  I apply this at u.s.Army Department u.s.Army Human Resources commad 200 stovall street  and madam Jennifer chapman Major US Army  Secretary of the Gen.staff. This request of Application refer to National Personnel Record center.

      Military Personnel Record.

      9700 page avenue

      St Louis Missouri 63132_5100


      But until now 2017  we did not received this request cold war certification and gold medal please advise