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    Deportations of Immigrants - Palmer Raids in 1919-1920


      Deportations of Immigrants - Palmer Raids in 1919-1920


      We are trying to find out information about a man who was deported as a result of the Palmer Raids in 1919-1920.

      Several hundred immigrant people, mainly men, were deported from the U.S. at this time.

      The man we are researching was born in 1889 in the Russian Empire (Poland) at “Lamaz, Russia” (spelling?) per his U.S. Draft Registration from 1917 to 1918 (which is not completely legible).

      He immigrated to the U.S. sometime between 1912 – 1918, but was deported sometime before 1921, as part of the Palmer Raids. He was forced to leave his wife and children in the New York City area.


      Based on this information, can you help us with a list of the names of the people deported between 1919 and 1921? (Hopefully we could recognize his actual name) And where the people were sent?

      Or any connections to towns in Poland/Russia?

      We realize the spellings may be incorrect or changed.

      Or any ideas about web sites or research references that we could use?


      We would like to find out his story and what happened to him.