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    New version of the app available!

    Kerri Young Adventurer

      Just in time for the centenary of the US entering WWI on April 6th, we have launched a new set of features for the app. Please make sure you update your app in the iTunes Store or Google Play store to make sure you get this updated version. Some new features include:


      • Scrolling ability down into items from Collection landing page
      • Collection explore list: Better design to clarify relation of item description to item on the right.
      • Ability to slide left or right in slideshow mode
      • Ability to share item from slideshow mode
      • "Public" or "Private" icons now added to your collections on the My Collections page
      • Autofill on search
      • Resource pages: Navigation list
      • Resource pages: Contact information now available
      • Ability to favorite collections
      • Added ability to search from each page in the app
      • Number count for items in a collection
      • Facebook and Twitter integration


      We hope you enjoy using the app!


      Update/download the app from the iTunes Store: Remembering WWI on the App Store

      Update/download the app from the Google Play Store: Remembering WWI - Android Apps on Google Play