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    Where can I find records for the French & Indian War?


      I am looking for records pertaining to Col. Bradstreet and the soldiers and men from Dutchess County, New York that followed him and fought along side of him. 

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          Ms. Lendrum,


          Thank you for your inquiry.  Many of the records you seek are in various state archives in New York and Canada, particularly those pertaining to Colonel John Bradstreet and his military expeditions during the French and Indian War.  Among these are the New York Public Library, which houses the Philip Schuyler Papers (Schuyler served as a Major under Bradstreet); and the New York State Library, where some of Bradstreet's personal correspondence can be found.  I would also check with the Clements Library at the University of Michigan, where they have the papers of Jeffrey Amherst (who served on a number of these F & I War military expeditions with Bradstreet and corresponded with him regularly).  Canadian records can be found at the Public Archives of Canada or the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (specifically those related to the expeditions there).


          The question of soldiers from Duchess County, New York who served with Bradstreet is luckily an easier one, as all of the information you seek about them can be found in the New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775.  Those two volumes can be found in a variety of places, including on Ancestry.com if you have a pay account.  If you want to sift through the records without the pay wall, but also without the organization provided by Ancestry, try New York Colonial Muster Rolls, which lists soldiers in those volumes alphabetically.


          Best of luck in your search.

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