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    WWI - 120.9.3 Records of Combat Divisions


      My understanding is that NARA staff re-boxed and re-numbered the Records of the Combat Divisions, AEF, but have yet to update the online finding aids for the Public. Meantime, the obsolete finding aids at NARA’s website (AAD) are useless to off-site, out-of-town researchers located around the country (and the world) who need to work directly and effectively with NARA Staff from our remote locations, usually through email requests (to avoid the prohibitive costs of traveling to College Park or hiring local researchers).  When will NARA Staff make available to the Public the Combat Divisions index information stored on ancillary computers?? For example, the label database has the titles of these thousands of boxes that are not yet in the online catalog. So useful, yet so inaccessible.  With April 2017 marking the Centennial of America’s Entry into World War I, updating of the Archives online catalog would be timely, useful way to enable researchers. It is not now time to take on this task?