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    Military I'd


      I need my military I'd. Carl b paris AF15552063

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          The National Archives at St. Louis handles requests for records of veterans that were separated from service 62 years from today's date or prior and for civil service employees that worked for the government in 1952 or prior.

          You may find more information on how to request your record from the National Personnel Records Center at: https://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records

          You may also request your DD 214 using their online system eVetrecs at the website above.

          Thank you,


          Cara Moore

          Archives Technician

          National Archives at St. Louis


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            Dear Carl,

            The National Archives & Records Administration unfortunately, cannot provide information regarding military ID cards. There are outside resources, if you retired or are a disabled veteran of the Air Force, which may be able to assist you in obtaining a military ID card.




            Deb Powe

            National Archives & Records Administration

            College Park MD