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    Expenditures incured (in Sept 1912) by a U.S. Marshal for a given region.

    Luci J Baker Johnson Adventurer

      In the Year 1912 - It's my understanding that its the responsibility of the U.S. Marshal's office to arrange for transportation of federal prisoners. I read this in a document I found on the U.S. Congressional Serial Set (available at the regional archives sites). This was just one of the many functions of the U.S. Marshal and/or his deputies. I confirmed this with Dave Turk, the Historian for the U.S. Marshal's service in Virginia.


      For example, they made travel arrangements (via the railroad) for a prisoner (accompanied by a U. S. Marshal) from where they were sentenced to the federal prison where they were to serve their time (i.e. McNeil Island, Leavenworth, Atlanta). And, when necessary, from one prison to another prison--when a prisoner was being relocated. The fiscal responsibilities fell to the regional Marshal.. I'm assuming that he would have had to submit a written report (of some nature) of these expenditures. And these this information would have been shared with Federal authorities.


      I'm wondering where I might look for 'said report' that might be referenced in a Federal document (i.e. the Attorney General's Annual report or an Expense report summary for the department of Justice). I've spent a considerable amount of time doing keyword searches in the U.S. Congressional Serial Set (mentioned above) but have yet been able to find what I'm looking for.


      The U.S. Marshal in question is Jon. H. H. Jacoby, US Marshal for the Washington, western(division) in 1912. He reported $4,108.38 in expenses incurred during the fiscal year 1913 (July 1, 1912 - June 29, 1913). His [Jacoby's] Office Deputy (expected) [Geo. B. Davenpeck] reported $2,111.80 in 'expenses of travel and substance...' in the 1913 Attorney General's Report. And Office Deputy (expected) Frank Ludwig reported $1,748.78 (see p. 245 of the 1913 Attorney General's Report.). Might there exist a breakdown of these expenses?


      Would there exist an 'annual written report' by a U.S. Marshal to his superior? Where might that report exist (i.e. what Federal document / publication)?


      Note: I've corresponded with both of the Regional Archives who have the records from these prisons [McNeil and Leavenworth] and they do not have this kind of record -- mostly because it would have been the duty of the U.S. Marshal -- not the prison officials.



      I'm also interested in the difference in job duties between a Office deputy-COMPETITIVE and Office deputy-EXCEPTED. I found this specification in the list of Federal Employees. Anyone have an idea?


      I hope someone can point me in the right direction.


      Luci Baker Johnson