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    Looking for photographer last name Kurtz 1864-1865


      First name unknown, last name Kurtz had two photos published 1864-1865

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          This request likely requires more information for a precise answer, but there is a result that pops up looking for Civil War photographers with the last name Kurtz.  That would be William Kurtz, a German-American photographer who served with the Seventh New York Regiment during the war and founded a photography studio (Huston & Kurtz) in New York City following the end of the war.  He is recognized among a few American photographers as popularizing the carte de visite and certain studio lighting techniques.  It might help to link digital copies of the two published images and more information about the publication in question as that might give additional clues as to the substance and style of the photographs in question and the identity of the photographer.

          In the meantime, here's a weblink regarding this photographer which might assist with your search.


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