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    I am looking for Urpo Orvokki Enroth born in 1902 came to America in 1921. Had brother Evert August Enroth and Johan Enroth who moved to Texas and changed his name to Johan Rafael Sandell a sister Anna Enroth and Hilma Enroth Boha moved to Denmark.


      In Finland you have a last name different from your birth last name. If anyone can help me find the parents of Urpo Orvokki Enroth born in1902 came to American in 1921. 2 brothers Evert August Enroth who live until death in Mississippi as did Urpo. Johan changed his name to Johan Rafael Sandell until his death. Sister Hilma Enroth Bona moved to Denmark and Anna Enroth stayed in Finland. Any help Please I've been looking for a year Thank you so much