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    Seeking records of MTC, Service Park Unit 396 in WWI

    Marc LeVier Newbie

      My Grandfather, Lester Roy LeVier, US Army, 2238033, was assigned with the MTC, Service Park Unit 396.  He departed NY Aug 18, 1918.  I know he landed in England and then they departed for Brest, France.  He departed Brest France as a SGT, same unit, September 21, 1919.  I Believe I recall seeing that he was with VII Corps and ended up in northern Germany near the French/German border in a HQ encampment after the armistice was signed. 


      Here is Question #1 - my grandfather was in a mental institution, approved by the VA, from 1933-1947. His daughters always claimed he was gassed in the war and had mental and other health issues as a result.  VA paperwork said he was “weak minded”.  I am unable to determine where his unit was based and in fact they did not see combat.   Is it possible that he was attached to another unit as a result of his MOS (mechanic) and this unit was engaged in the front lines? I would like to dispel and untruths and set the record straight.  His military compensation shows no injuries incurred during the war, at least physically!


      Question #2 - when he died, I was unable to be present at his funeral.  I would like to obtain a memorial flag in his memory.  The original flag has disappeared.  Is there any possibility of obtaining a flag?  I was his only grandson that carried his name forward.