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    Seeking records of air rifles testing during & before Civil War

    Robert Richford Newbie

      I am exploring the testing of air weapons (rifles) before or during the American Civil War. There was testing at West Point by the Army but mostly carbines for the cavalry and European weapons that have shipped in from several suppliers. The confederates purchased rifles and cannons from Austria, England, and France which were known for using air rifles. (More to the story)  Lewis and Clark used an Italian designed air rifle in 1804-06, which to my understanding was manufactured by a gunsmith in Philadelphia of German background. The French inventor, Mr Giffard, received a patent from the US for his single-shot air rifle and later patented a CO2 design which the Colt Manufacturing Stockholders invested in around 1870-80.  I would like some additional help or guidance for earlier air rifles in the United States. Thanks