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    Seeking census records for Gold Bridge, BC

    Judith Hull Newbie

      Seeking census records for Gold Bridge BC 1950 for museum display. How do I proceed to get census information for Gold Bridge BC (1950)?

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          Rebecca Collier Guide

          Dear Ms. Hull,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          Canadian census returns after 1926 are in the custody of Statistics Canada. The Statistics Act and the Act to Amend the Statistics Act do not permit the disclosure of personal information from post-1926 census returns. The only exception is for people who require information about themselves, for pension or other legal purposes. See Accessing my census at Statistics Canada.


          For non-personal information from post-1926 census returns or for questions about the census legislation, contact Statistics Canada. Under the legislation, the records will be opened for public use and transferred to Library and Archives Canada 92 calendar years after the taking of a census.


          We hope this is helpful.