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    Seeking information about "The Best Years of our Lives" characters

    Stephanie Perry Wayfarer

      Al- Did he have previous military service? Was he college educated and was his job at the bank before the war as teller or a a loan officer? He got a promotion when he returned. He had been married a long time already had 2 kids. Was Peggy already in high school when dad entered the Army?


      Fred- Was only a high school graduate? How did he end up a bombardier and Captain? Out of high school he had gotten the Soda Jerk job and worked at the local drug store’s soda fountain for sometime before the war. At that point entered the Army Air Forces. He was from a poor part of town.

      Homer- He had girlfriend and had recently graduated high school when war started. During the course of the war he lost arms and probably will end up living off the pension for period of time. He might be able to go college on GI Bill and get job with the VA helping amputees.