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    Searching 1950 Census by city & street address

    Barry Borella Newbie

      Is it possible to search the 1950 census by city and street address?

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          Joel Weintraub Scout

          Barry, you can use ED (Enumeration District) maps at the National Archives website.  County maps and maps for cities of 5 EDs or more are available.  There are links to maps at the 1950 Archives website.  You could also go to the One-Step site (stevemorse.org) to find maps... there is a utility on the US Census section.  That section also has the Unified Tool that has 1950 street indexes for over 2,400 urban areas.  The site should be intuitive.  If your city is listed, you choose the street names on the block of your target residence until you get down to one ED, but sometimes you may end up with two or more.

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            Claire Kluskens Pioneer

            Barry:  At https://1950census.archives.gov/ if you search narrow your search to a county you can view the enumeration district maps and written enumeration district descriptions.  Click on "ED Maps" under the description of any enumeration district to view the maps.  Or use the tools at stevemorse.org that Joel Weintraub mentioned in his answer.  But no, you can't just type in an address and get a result.