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    Seeking records of MTC Mech Rep Unit 305, Co D

    Brian Kerr Wayfarer

      Hello Everyone!  My Great Grandfather (Kenneth Burton Kerr Sr.) served in WW1 and I had just received a Document (the only one they had) from New Jersey. It has the following assignment (typed exactly the way it's on the document) I just can't pin down to the exact unit(s) it reflects. M T C Mech Rep Unit 305-; Co D MTC . I did submit for his records to NPRC (a few months ago), but I do know that it will take time before I receive any word from them (as I'm praying that his records weren't amongst those destroyed by the Fire at the National Archives in the early 1970s). Until then, this is the only document I've got to work with and am hoping someone can shed a little clarity for me. Thank you very much for your time and understanding!