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    Seeking 1920 census ED for Quay, Oklahoma

    Wendy Smith Newbie

      I need the census enumeration district number for Quay, Oklahoma in 1920. Quay Oklahoma used to be Lawson. In 1903 it was renamed to Quay. In 1920 it had at least 4000 people because of the oil boom, but I cannot find any census records for Quay for 1920.  In 1930, the census bureau designated Quay as a populated area,  and the district numbers from 1930 don't match the 1920 ones. On top of that, Quay sits on the border between Pawnee and Payne counties. In 1930, Quay was counted as district 59-27 in Pawnee, but in 1920, the closest town was Yale, which is in Payne county. The only on line enumeration maps I can find are from 1930.