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    Teacher help??




      Is there anyway I might find old records of my family member who was a teacher?

      Perhaps maybe even find an old picture, that would be totally cool..

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          Rachael Salyer Ranger

          Dear Toni,


          In general, your best bet would most likely be to search for state and local (county/city) records. Try public libraries, halls of records, historical societies, etc. If the school he/she taught at still exists, they might even have records of your family member.


          If you can provide more information (e.g. location, dates), we might be able to offer more specific advice, too.


          Best of luck with your search!

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              Thank you for responding. I found her on a:

              1900 Census dated June 15 1900 Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA

              Head         Minnie A Worden 36 (D.O.B. July 1864) Single  Teacher

              (her Mom) Dorotha C Worden 61(D.O.B. Nov 1839 Widow 



              So, Dorotha is my Mothers Mother. My Mother was Christine Dorothy (Lapham) Moore. Her Mother was Pauline Willoughby (Worden) Lapham daughter of Dorotha C (Pearson) Worden and Charles Worden.  In my mothers things I found a photo




              This is the photo and I am trying to find out who it is?



              As far as I know my mothers family lived in and or near 31 Littleton RD in Chelmsford MA for a very long time.



              Thank you,



              Toni Moore

              951 850 1684

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              Alex Champion Scout

              Hello Toni,


              It's unlikely that NARA will have any records of a family member unless they had some kind of interaction with the government concerning the courts, land, or certain kinds of employment such as military service. NARA is the repository of national government records created by government agencies. NARA rarely has specific information about individuals unless they worked for government and even more rarely does it have pictures. If you don't think the family member had any business with the government, you may want to try a local or state historical society/archive. Sometimes schools have archives or small heritage societies as well. To help find other possible sources please ask yourself these questions:



              Is he or she still alive?

              If not, where and when did they die?

              Where have they lived?

              Where did they work?

              Were they in the armed forces?

              If yes to the above, what unit did they serve in?