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    Researching the 771st Chemical Depot Company

    Frederick Thomas Newbie

      Researching USAAF chemical warfare service in India during WWII. I have the organizational history reports (OHRs) for the 771st Chemical Depot Company, to which my father was attached as a "toxic gas handler" during WWII. The 771st managed the central toxic USAAF's chemical weapons stockpile for the CBI theater at Ondal Airbase. There is a reference in the OCRs to 18 railcar loads of M79, 1000-lb, cyanogen-chloride bombs which were returned for disposal to Ondal from Sharmshernager Air Base after Japan's surrender. Shamshernage was one of the points of origin for flights "over the hump" to China. Among other things, I want to know if this was contingent preparation for the possible use of chemical bombs in the B-29 raids of Operation Matterhorn. I also want to honor the soldiers who did the difficult, dangerous and unrecognized work of handling those bombs. (Similar CK bombs stored at another deport in New Guinea exploded spontaneously.) The OHR's for the 771st mention several visits by chemical officers from HQ at Hastings Airbase, near Calcutta. Record Group 493.6 might include the information I want about strategic planning, but I don't know how to get down to the level of specific documents.