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    No periods after sentences

    Marla Laubisch Newbie

      I'm transcribing a typewritten page in Roosevelt. There are no periods at all at the ends of the sentences. The sentences do begin with capital letters so in that respect it's clear where one ends and another begins.


      I know we are supposed to transcribe punctuation as in the original, but I feel like this affects the meaning. Should I include them in the appropriate places?


      There are no periods anywhere on the page, wondering if this person had a broken typewriter key...

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          Abigail Shelton Scout

          Hi Marla,


          Thanks for reaching out with your question! In this case, even though you might be able to tell where to put periods, stick to transcribing what you see and don't add punctuation that isn't in the original document. The lack of periods won't hurt the ability for people to search and find this page, nor will it hinder someone from using a screen reader on the page. Those are the most important outcomes to keep in mind.


          I guess we'll never really know why the author didn't use punctuation but missing a typewriter key seems like a plausible theory to me!



          By the People Community Manager

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