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    Clarity of 1950 Census

    Ron Wetteroth Newbie

      Why are the census pages so tiny on the website, and why is the resolution so low that when enlarged they become too fuzzy to read?  I am finding it almost impossible to use these pages for research, even with a magnifying glass.

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          Would you be able to share which Population Schedules where you've encountered image quality issues?  


          You can zoom-in on a Population Schedule or Enumeration District Map by clicking the image with your mouse, and zoom-out by shift-clicking.  When zooming in on an enumeration sheet, there may be a slight delay before the image fully loads, depending on the speed of your internet connection.  The image may appear fuzzy until it has fully loaded.


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            moonrock77 Adventurer

            When I zoom-in on a single page, it is quite clear  (from my viewpoint).

            Here is an example:


            Albert Einstein in 1950 census


            (Thanks to C K in a different discussion, for finding Einstein.  )


            But maybe you are using a different device and software than I am.

            I am using a laptop with Windows10 with Chrome browser (Or sometimes Edge browser).


            Also, there is a Download function.

            (Look for the 3 vertical dots at the top-right of the census page).

            If you download the image of the page, perhaps you can use some of other viewing tools you have on your device, and maybe that will work better.

            Just an idea.


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