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    Is it possible to restrict search criteria in 1950 Census to exact match?

    Todd Maddison Newbie

      Is there a way to restrict the search to an exact match?

      My last name is "Maddison".  The two "d's" make it somewhat  unique.  Usually when doing genealogy research anyone with two D's in the US is a pretty good bet to be a match.

      This site, unfortunately, does not seem to have a way to do an "exact  match" search.  If I enter Maddison as a search term, I get "madison", and "addison", "matson", "madson", etc.  Which complicates it enormously.  Where I would normally get a few pages of hits, I get hundreds, and they don't appear to be sorted in any manner, so the only possible way to find anything seems to be paging through them all one at a time.

      Is there a way to set up an exact match search?  If I turn up with nothing of course I can widen the search, but I'd like to start with only records that match exactly.