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    ITAR status of NASA records?

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      Back in 2014, the Chief FOIA officer's report (https://www.archives.gov/files/foia/reports/chief-foia-officer-report-2014.pdf) mentions an agreement executed with NASA to allow "limited public access to permanent NASA records  that may contain export -controlled technical data (including information subject to the  International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR))".  Is there any way to tell via the National Archives Catalog search which portions of the NASA archives are and are not ITAR controlled?  I had assumed that when a series is listed as "Unrestricted" in the catalog there weren't any concerns, but perhaps the only way to know that for sure is to contact NARA directly to confirm the status of a particular item of interest?

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          The descriptions of the electronic records from NASA that are in NARA holdings indicate which portions contain ITAR.  For example, there are two descriptions for the Altair Program and Project Records, 2007 - 2010: one NAID is 6307936 and the other NAID is 7462008.  The description NAID 6307936 indicates the records are unrestricted and therefore not ITAR controlled.  The description NAID 7462008 indicates that the records are fully restricted and the records are subject to ITAR.


          In general, if there are records subject to ITAR that will be indicated in the description.  If the description indicates there are possible access restrictions due to ITAR, then you need to contact the custodial unit to confirm the access status of a specific record. 

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