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    How do you go to next page on the 1950 Census ?

    Laurie Nelson Adventurer

      I found one of my relatives (head of household) but I need to go to the next page to see the rest of the people in the household. I can't figure out how to do that. Please help me. Thanks.

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          If you used the name search function to find your family and need to go to the next page, there is a way to do this!  First, make note of the Enumeration District (ED) Number.  Look at the upper right corner of the census page for the Sheet Number.  Then, re-do your search for the state and ED number only (do not add the name).  This time, you will see the first page of the ED and thumbnail images of other pages in the ED below it.  Click on the thumbnails until you find the Sheet Number that your family was on - then go to the next image - that will be next sheet where the rest of the family is.  The gray bar below the thumbnail images can be moved left and right.


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