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    How were military members listed in the 1950 census?

    J Cape Newbie

      My father was in the US Army in April, 1950. I searched the counties of the most likely bases where he might have been. I did not see listings that looked like they would have been a military base: long lists of unrelated men. Were servicemen included in the regular census?

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          Claire Kluskens Pioneer

          Military personnel who lived off base at nearby private (family) housing were enumerated at the off-base address.

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            J. Andrew Tracker

            Likewise, military personnel who lived on based were enumerated at their on-base address, whether that be on-base single family quarters, bachelor officer quarters, NCO quarters, barracks, etc. You will only see a long list of unrelated names if its in something like a barracks.  And even then, each barracks would be listed separately, so its not like you can find a single consecutive alphabetical list of everyone on base.

            Which counties did you look at? Which bases are you looking for? Look at the enumeration district descriptions carefully.  They should tell you which ones cover those bases.

            Something I've noticed it that people may end up looking at the wrong enumeration district numbers because the maps often designate special enumeration districts covering military bases with circled S instead of a number.

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