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    NARA citizen archivist Flickr site?

    techhistorynerd Adventurer

      I came across reference to the NARA's "citizen archivist" site here:  Upload and Share | Citizen Archivist | National Archives - is it still an active effort?  I submitted some scans I made some years back of NARA records to this site recently, but I'm not sure how to tell (or if there is a way to tell) what the status of the submissions is?

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          Meredith Doviak Adventurer

          Hi there!

          Thanks for sharing your images on the Citizen Archivist Flickr Group. I noticed that your images were waiting in a submission queue and they are now available to view in the group. Thanks for letting us know!


          We started this group about 5 years ago as a way for researchers to share images (scans or photographs) that they made while conducting research at any location of the U.S. National Archives. While the group was not quite as active as we initially hoped, there are some great submissions in the group, and we thank you for sharing your work and making it more accessible to the public and other researchers across the country.


          On a related note, if you find yourself in Washington, DC, we invite you to visit our Innovation Hub. As a researcher, you can request to have your records brought directly to the Hub for scanning (for free!). You'll take home a digital copy of your scans, and we'll upload a copy to our National Archives Catalog.


          If you have any questions, please email us at catalog@nara.gov.


          Thanks again for your contributions!

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