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    Why did the CIA withdraw nuclear-related files from NARA in 1992?

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      In 1992, the CIA withdrew nuclear-related files from NARA to see if they needed to be re-classified "secret" or "top secret." In the end, the CIA found they didn't need to be reclassified and returned them back into a NARA folder.


      Why did the CIA even think of re-examining NARA files at that time (1992)? Who ordered the CIA to conduct a classification review of old, declassified documents? How many other files were withdrawn at that same time for classification review? Did the NSA, DIA, State Department also withdraw documents at that same time? What was going on in the world at that time that may have sparked the CIA's classification review in 1992?

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            More information about NARA and Declassification can be found here:


              National Archives and Declassification | National Archives


          You may also wish to file a FOIA request with the C.I.A.

          Frequently Asked Questions | CIA FOIA (foia.cia.gov)


          "File a FOIA Request

          1. How do I file a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request with the CIA?To file a FOIA request, write to:
            Information and Privacy Coordinator
            Central Intelligence Agency
            Washington, D.C. 20505
            Or send via fax to: 703-613-3007
            We do not accept FOIA requests via e-mail.
            Requests must be written in English.
            See our sample letter for full details.
          2. May I ask for any information I want?Yes. The Freedom of Information Act is designed so you can obtain information from the government on topics in which you are interested. Sending us requests on a specific subject of your interest helps us process your request. With specific requests, we can identify the record systems that are likely to contain information responsive to your request and any responsive materials the Agency may have previously released."





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            The EXIM Bank, Export -Import Bank of the US, funded nuclear projects from 1981-1989. This also included projects in Iraq.  The subject files are in the Reagan Library.  National Archives Identifier 7419063.  In 1991, the US destroyed much of the known nuclear research facilities in Iraq. The Bomb Damage Assessments also included the chemical and biological research facilities. During the 1st Gulf War, NARA began to set in place a plan to obtain the records and documents from various agencies. And various agencies also formed boards, which determined that records were to be destroyed, contrary to NARA involvement. After the 1st Gulf War the agencies then began a massive effort to clean up the record.  Many records were withdrawn from the WNRC and never returned.  There are most likely records that were never returned to NARA. During the Iran-Iraq War, the US funded Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological warfare program. The Russian and Persian cultural and political ties during the Cold War resulted in the US EXIM Bank being used as a funnel for nuclear projects. The question is, how many projects, and in how many countries? Why would a nation who signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty, then promote nuclear projects in non democratic, war torn nations? It seems The EXIM Bank was utilized as a channel. And one could only guess, what entities were in control... 

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