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    Seeking Grandfather in 1940 Census, separated from grandmother in 1932

    Cynthia Peterman Adventurer

      I am trying to find my grandfather in the 1940 Census. My grandparents split up around 1932, but never divorced. To the best of my knowledge, both continued to live in New Jersey. I found my grandmother and two of their adult children in the 1940 census living in Hillside, NJ. The last record of my grandfather came from the 1934 City Directory for Orange, NJ. He eventually ended up in Atlantic City, where he died in 1953.  I've used the search tools on Ancestry and FamilySearch, but neither he nor my grandmother show up (I found her through an ED search for the address ).  Any help would be gratefully appreciated, Cynthia

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          Charlotte Cain Wayfarer

          What name is your grandmother indexed under in ancestry/family search 1940 census? Since you found her in 1940 through searching the ED for the address,  look up a neighbor in ancestry or family search and see how your grandmother's name is indexed. Perhaps your grandfather is indexed the same way.

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            Lisha Penn Ranger

            Dear Ms. Peterman,


            Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


            Please note that you must have a location or enumeration district number to begin a 1940 census search since there is no name index available. If you do not have either of these, we suggest searching for your grandfather in the 1930 census first. There could be other reasons as to why your grandfather may not appear or not be easily located in the 1940 Census. Unlike more recent censuses, the 1940 census was taken entirely by Census Enumerators going door to door and collecting information.


            If a person or your grandfather for instance, was not home when the census taker came, the census taker would make a return visit. It is possible that your grandfather was not home when the census enumerator came. People who were counted on return visits are listed at the end of the regular pages for the enumeration district on pages that begin with number 61. Please see this page for the enumeration district in the state that your grandfather resided in. Also use all name variants as needed.


            There were also separate pages for people living in a hotel tourist home, or trailer camp. These people were to be counted on April 8th and 9th. Their census information begins on page 81A for each enumeration district. Sometimes the entries for people who were enumerated later and those in tourist homes and trailer camps are less than one page each, while they can go on for several pages in large urban areas. In some enumeration districts, there were no such entries and do not have a page 61 or page 81.


            You may wish to review NARA’s Start Your 1940 Census Research and About the 1940 Census websites for more information about this census. For information about the 1940 U.S. Census, see the Census Bureau technical documentation and questionnaires.


            We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!