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    What is the digitization plan at the Archives?


      Is there a website where we can see which records/series the Archives is working on and what is next on the list? 


      Also is there a way to search the online catalog by new/date added so I can see any new records since my last search?

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          Jason Clingerman Adventurer

          Tommy Cicero not sure about the digitization plan, but regarding the Catalog search - there is not a way at the moment to search by date added, though this is something we hope to implement in the future (or at least provide a separate stream of new content).

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            Hello!  NARA's Digitization Strategy can be found at Digitization at the National Archives | National Archives.


            In the summer of 2015, we called on both NARA staff and the public to identify records to prioritize for digitization. From the initial 700+ series suggested, we whittled the list down to about 30 series to guide the work of the digitization program through 2018.  These were shared on NARAtions:   https://narations.blogs.archives.gov/2015/10/02/announcing-naras-digitization-priorities/


            I should note that this list (and the information below) does not cover what individual archival units choose to digitize as they are free to decide and do their projects on their own.  The agency priority list is at a more programmatic level and covers what the Digitization Division's Imaging Lab has been digitizing.  


            Due to resource and staffing issues, we've adjusted our sails when necessary but from this initial list, NARA's Imaging Lab has completed a couple of the projects on the initial priority list including the World War I War Time Films and Photographs; the RG 210 Drawings of Relocation Centers; and the RG 29 1950 Census Enumeration District Maps (on the cusp of completion - late January, fingers crossed!).


            We have some large-scale ongoing textual records projects that we're working on including: RG 498 Helper Files (a huge request by the public); Navy Deck Logs; RG 109 Confederate Volumes.


            Additionally, the Imaging Lab is focusing on several special media (cartographic and still pictures) projects.  At the beginning of this fiscal year, we began a pilot project to digitize RG 373 German Flown Aerial Photography (GX Prints) from our Cartographic and Aerial Photography Branch.  During the second quarter, we're planning on digitizing a small series (~100) of Confederate maps as well as a few hundred high value maps in the cartographic treasure vault. 


            On the Still Pictures front, in consultation with that unit, some projects were re-prioritized and we were happy to recently complete the digitization of RG 18 Airscapes of American and Foreign Areas (18-AA).  We'll be starting the digitization of RG 26 U.S. Coast Guard Photographic Prints (26-G) in the second quarter.  In the third quarter, we're tentatively scheduled to digitize RG 30 Bureau of Public Roads Historical Photo Files (30-N) and RG 79 White House Photos Taken by Abbie Rowe (79-AR).  We'll be discussing our fourth quarter plans with the Still Pictures branch but I'm hopeful that we can start on either the RG 111 Signal Corps photos (111-C) or the RG 80 General Photo File of the Navy (80-GK).  TBD on that front!


            We have a project in the works to digitize both treasure vaults at our Archives 1 and Archives 2 buildings.  We estimate that those will start in either the third or fourth quarters. 


            I learned a long time ago not to give out estimates on when something will be done and/or available so I'll just say that there is a lot of digitization happening and our archival units are working hard to make these materials available in the National Archives Catalog! 


            If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask! 

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