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    Seeking Choctaw ancestry of Ella Josephine Miller

    Lynda Kay Sawyer Newbie

      Ella Josephine Miller is said to be a direct descendant of Choctaw Chief Pushmataha per her obituary in the Soper Democrat, August 29, 1929. "Mrs. Miller was the daughter of Col. William Roebuck who was a direct descendant of Pushmataha, the great war chief and governor of the Choctaws." Also, in the Choctaw Nation records there was a resolution made for Chief Pushmataha's portrait to be given to Ella because Solomon Hotema had proven her ancestry. The ancestry was acknowledge but the current Chief would not give up the painting. I haven't found the record of Hotema's proof of her ancestry.


      These are the names of Ella's Choctaw ancestry: William Robuck/Roebuck, Mary Ann/Annie (Homa/Homma) Robuck, Elsie (Beams) Robuck, Ezekiel Robuck, John Homa/Homma, Lush Homa, Istanchi/Istanche/Widow Beams/Betsy Beams on Honey Island.


      The obituary may be an error saying that her ancestry to Pushmataha came through William Roebuck, because both her paternal and maternal are Choctaw and either could lead back to Chief Pushmataha.