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    security requirements of 21 CFR 1301.75(b) ?


      I need to fill out a form verifying that my drug storage location meets the security requirements of 21 CFR 1301.75(b) but cannot find those requirements.

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          Hi Dennis -


          The Code of Federal Regulations is available through the US Government Publishing Office (GPO) website here: Code of Federal Regulations (Annual Edition). Select the most recent year, and then using the numbers you've provided, click through into Title 21, then Chapter II, then Part 1301, Subject - General Information, then section 1301.75. If you click the PDF link it will go directly to a digitized copy of that section of the CFR.


          As for more specifics within the regulation, I would contact your state's board of pharmacy or equivalent. They should know what form a "U.S. Government Class V security container" can take.

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