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    Remembering WWI feature list and feature roadmap

    Kerri Young Adventurer

      Hello all,


      We'd like to post the following feature list for Hub members so that you may see the current capabilites of our WWI app beta, as well as a roadmap of features that we plan to build-out in the next few months to improve functionality.


      Updated 11/22/16


      Currently, the beta version of the app contains these basic features:


      1. Basic browsing capabilities. You will be able to view 10 recently-added items (can be photographs or film segments), and the 5 most recently-added collections.
      2. Fullscreen and slideshow mode for each item and collection.
      3. Sharing: Each item has a Share button that utilizes iOS’s basic sharing capabilities, posting a link to the relevant iOS app of your choosing.
      4. Hyperlinked tags on each item as an avenue to discover similarly-tagged items (results bring up to 24 items per tag).
      5. Collection-creation button via any item in the app, and ability to add an item to your collection.
      6. Ability to add a new collection from your app profile page, which also allows you to edit the collection description, add chapters, and add captions. The edit collection feature also contains an inline search, where you can do a keyword search to bring up items to add to it.
      7. The end of each slideshow brings up a “Recommend this Collection” button that currently has no functionality but will play a role in a future Curator section of the app.
      8. Upon signing-up for an account in the app you have the option to check if “I’m a teacher,” which currently does not reflect in a feature within the current app but will help to filter out teacher-created collections in the future Curators section.
      9. Help text for teachers and curators based on app as it is now, based on feedback from our user-design groups.


      We have confirmed our scope of work on the app for the next two months based on developer time and feasibility, where we will be building-out and iterating on these features:


      1. Making the app available for Android
      2. Optimizing app speed and determining performance benchmarks
      3. Scaling the app to handle more content via “infinite scroll”
      4. Adding basic search functionality
      5. Pinch and zoom for photographs
      6. Surfacing more precise dates on each item (if available. Currently each item only displays the year)
      7. Explore: Ability to click on points on the map to reveal different items
      8. Adding a main menu button
      9. Adding a Tags section, where you can browse by tags in alphabetical order
      10. Adding a Curators section, with a filter for collections created by teachers
      11. Statistics for collections (views, etc.)
      12. Pulling in collection descriptions from Historypin into the app
      13. Publish the codebase on Github