How to obtain a Congressional Medical Waiver

I wanted to know how do I obtain one for my Personal Records. Thank You.

  • Could you be more specific?

    Are you trying to get a medical waiver to get permission for something, such as joining the armed services?

    Or have you already gotten a waiver for something and you want access to the record of that waiver?  If so, what federal agency was this waiver related to?  Military service?  Or something else?  And how does Congress fit into things?

  • I received a Congressional Medical Waiver upon my entry into the US Army Reserves. I was living in Florence, SC at the time and it was issued by the local Congressman there.

    I was required to meet the PT requirements because both of my lungs collapsed in High School prior to Military Service.

  • Hi Brent -- thanks for posting to History Hub!

    I'm not sure there is a waiver known as a "congressional medical waiver" -- however individuals can, and often do, ask their Representative or Senators' office for assistance with the process of seeking a medical waiver to join the military.

    I would look for a copy of the medical waiver you received in your Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). There is a comprehensive post by Jason Atkinson on how to find Army Reserve service records in the History Hub Military Records Community.

    Or, if you remember which Congressman assisted you, you may want to look into their personal paper collections, as they sometimes include constituent correspondence. Use the Congressional BioGuide to find the Member and then look under the 'Research Collections' tab for any related collections.