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    Silver Star Medal


      Private Buster Dishman, my father, was awarded the Silver Star Medal and cited for gallantry in action on March 26, 1945 near Trebur, Germany. Does an account of this battle exist in the Army's official records or elsewhere? The service records of both my Dad and Grandfather were among those lost due to fire at the repository where they were kept. Any info will be welcomed.

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          Maybe having the general order number would help when contacting the archives? Looks like it can be found here;


          Valor awards for Buster Dishman


          The Army has some pretty detailed books on WWII, all of which can be found online - might want to figure out the operation and then you can read all about the battle your old man fought in.


          U.S. Army in World War II Series - U.S. Army Center of Military History 

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            So sorry to hear the personnel records were destroyed in the fire. Here at the Textual Reference Archives II Branch at the National Archives at College Park, we do have custody of WWII general orders for most units (although there are sometimes gaps), so if you have the general order information (i.e. unit, general order number, year), we can search for the general order.

            We also have custody of WWII unit operational records, so if you can provide us with which specific unit he served in as well as dates of interest, we can let you know what kinds of unit records are available. Keep in mind, the unit records document larger unit activities and typically do not contain any information about specific individuals.


            You can e-mail us at archives2reference@nara.gov.

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