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    Where can I get records of a long-ago dissolved family business (national company - The Oscar Daniels Company)?


      My grandparents grew up in Oak Park, IL.  My grandfather attended Armour Institute of Technology, graduating with an engineering degree (as did his father).  I can't remember exactly the relationship to Oscar Daniels - but I think he was the brother of my great, great grandfather.  They came from Norway, started the company (THE OSCAR DANIELS COMPANY) as a shipbuilder - and then it became steel frame construction for many of Chicago (and other cities) building, bridges, etc.  I know they were involved in the 1933-1934 Chicago World's Fair.  I've found small references to the company in online newspaper searches.  I'm trying to track down more history of what happened to the company.  My grandfather assumed he'd be an executive - but just as he graduated, family lore says the company was liquidated and the money ended up with a stripper after senior family member died?  I have deeper questions on it all now that my grandfather has died. (My grandfather became an engineer for the spacecraft program instead).