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    Seeking records of the sloop Duxbury

    Joseph Duxbury Wayfarer

      In June 1782, the sloop Duxbury was taking captured British sailors from Boston to New York, under a flag of truce. She was a privately-owned merchant vessel, and I would like to know whether she was commandeered, commissioned or merely requisitioned by the Americans. Would any records relating to this enterprise be more likely to have been created by the Army, rather than the early US naval authorities?

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          Dear Mr. Duxbury,


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          We searched the National Archives Catalog and located Area Files (documenting 1648 - 1927) and Subject Files (documenting ca. 1775 - 1927) in the Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library (Record Group 45) that may have records concerning this incident. For more information about these records, please contact the National Archives at Washington, DC - Textual Reference (RDT1) via email at archives1reference@nara.gov.


          Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, you may experience a delay in receiving an initial acknowledgment as well as a substantive response to your reference request from RDT1.  We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience as we balance mission-critical work and the safety of our staff during the pandemic. Please check NARA’s web page about COVID-19 updates for the latest information.


          According to the Bermuda Sloop Foundation, Massachusetts Governor John Hancock arranged for the June 1782 transportation of the sailors of the captured Bermudian privateer “Regulator” to New York on the sloop Duxbury. The sailors then seized the sloop and sailed to Bermuda. We suggest that you contact the Massachusetts Archives Division, the Massachusetts Historical Society, the New York State Archives, and the Bermuda Archives. You also may wish to search libraries and retailers for the secondary sources cited by the Bermuda Sloop Foundation. The bibliographies of these books may list additional sources.


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!