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    Seeking identity of women & explanation of dresses in photo

    Elizabeth Tenorio Newbie

      I have a photo of my father when he was between 8-12 years old (born in 1909) with two unknown women in uniform.  Are the uniforms Navy? I am curious about the women.  It may date this photo to have been taken in the 1920's.  Did the women Navy uniforms in the 1920s  look like this?  Or perhaps during the Women's Suffrage?  I don't know if these women were props or relatives.  He was born in Pecos, Texas and in his early years lived in and around the Colorado City, Texas area before moving to Carlsbad, New Mexico area by the 1930s.  Thanks for any leads.

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          Sabine Gorgas Tracker

          Hi Elizabeth,

          I do not really know anything about uniforms, but I am sure that the two girls wear a school uniform. When you google a little “1920s school girls Texas” you will find some pictures with girls in similar uniform styles.


          I would guess the girl on the left is the older one. On her right sleeve you can see a patch that looks a little bit like an eagle with some stripes under it. Also, her sleeves have three white stripes while the girl on the right has just two white stripes. Also, the dress on the left looks a little more mature.


          I found on https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth195751/ this picture from Tulia High School in Tulia, Texas in the 1920s:


          To me the uniforms or the clothing of these girls look very similar to your picture. When you look closer and try to zoom into the picture you see on the dress of the girl with the ball on one side an eagle with stripes and on the other side an anchor like the girl on the right of your picture wears around her neck. These girls also have different numbers of white stripes on their sleeves. Since this is a picture of a school basketball team I would assume the girls are in different grades and maybe the one with the anchor is the captain of the team? So, maybe the girl on the right of your picture is also the leader of a school team?

          Maybe you have a good chance to find out about the school, when you send the picture here https://texashistory.unt.edu/ or try to browse their collections?


          Maybe you would like to share some more information about your father (DOB, place, name of the parents etc.) so we could try to help to find more information who the two girls could be. Maybe sisters, cousins, aunts, neighbors…. ? I would guess they are more likely family than just props.



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              Elizabeth Tenorio Newbie

              Thank you Sabine for your interesting reply.  I have pursued your lead to no avail and have done all the preliminary steps, i.e. ask family members, checked out other old family photos, and followed names and dates of relations on geneology.  Initially I thought it strange that the uniforms looked like Navy to me being they were in West Texas (no water) didn't fit the profile.  The school possibility is interesting.  I'll share what I know about them and perhaps you can give me other options to follow.  Thank you for your help.  It has become an interesting pursuit.

              My father - Albert Saiz or Saenz Hernandez, DOB 12/23/1909 in Pecos, Texas, died 1/5/1998 in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

              His parents - Father - Jesus Gustamantes Hernandez, DOB 1886 or 1887.  The 1900 Census has him 9 years old and being born in 1891 in Texas. Died 1/21/1934 in Carlsbad, New Mexico.  Mother - Jesusita Ruiz Saiz or Saenz, DOB 2/15/1893 in Van Horn, Texas and died in Carlsbad, New Mexico 1/3/1969.

              There were initially 8 siblings. All born in Texas.  Lost a sister in 2/6/25 in Colorado City, Texas. 

              His grandparents - Grandfather - Alberto Saiz or Saenz, 1856-1943, born in Chihuahua, Mexico and died in Carlsbad, New Mexico.  Grandmother - Lucia Ruiz, 1868 (?) - 1957 (?) Born in Chihuahua, Mexico and died in Dilley, Frio, Texas.

              Lucia Ruiz had a previous marriage to Alvidrez, and they had 5 children. Resided mainly in Fort Davis, Texas.

              Lucia Ruiz remarried Alberto Saiz or Saenz and they had 5 children. 


              Again, thank you for your follow up and your interesting assessment.


              Elizabeth Tenorio

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              Alice Lane Ranger

              Hi Elizabeth,

              Welcome to History Hub,

              Middy Blouse were popular around 1922


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                Rachael Salyer Ranger

                Dear Ms. Tenorio,


                Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


                In addition to the information about school uniforms and fashion shared by Sabine Gorgas and Alice Lane, we located some online information about the Navy’s Uniform History of Enlisted Women (see page 3). The Naval History and Heritage Command has several resources related to Women's Uniforms that might be useful for comparison purposes. We suggest that you contact them directly for additional information.


                You may be able to identify the individuals in the photograph by reviewing other family photographs or documents from the same time period. It is likely that the young women are related to your father, either siblings or cousins, for example. Any photographers’ marks or other annotations on the photograph also may provide some helpful clues about the image.


                We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!