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    Philippines-US Urban Development


      Hi, My name is Claudia, I currently doing a research about the Philippines and its urban development during the American Colonial period. Do you have any documents, files, photographs relating to Manila's City Beautiful Movement by Daniel Burnham and the pensionado architects (these are Filipino architects who was brought to the US to study architecture.)


      • Juan Arellano
      • Antonio Toledo
      • Tomas Mapua



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          Thank you for using the History Hub!  I have looked through some preliminary searches relating to Daniel Burnham and one place you can begin your research is with the Art Institute of Chicago. The Institute houses the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries and Archives which house a large collection of papers, drawings, diagrams, and correspondence of American architects, especially Daniel Burnham.  You can access an overview of their collections at the following link: Archival Collections | The Art Institute of Chicago


          The Institute also provides a digital collection of architectural works, business papers, and other documents from the Burnham Archives, which can be found here:  Ryerson & Burnham Archives Digital Collections | The Art Institute of Chicago There is large collection of images relating to Burnham's work in the Philippines and his architectural firm's operations during the early 1900s. 


          Are you looking for similar information on the architects Juan Arellano, Antonio Toledo, and Tomas Mapua? 

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              Hi Thomas,


              Indeed it was helpful, well, I've tried have a quick browse at the Ryerson and Burnham Archives, i found a lot of Burnham reports, although most of it are not readily available for download of viewing, anyway emailed them and hopefully they'll give me a positive feedback about my request. As for the others, yes im looking for details about their life in America.  Well these 3 architects were the 1st batch of Filipino to become architects and they got most of their influence while studying in the US.


              I appreciate your time, thanks alot!





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