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    Seeking my NGB Form 23

    Virginia Brocato Newbie

      I am requesting my NGB Form 23 from the NPRC.  I need it to show my years active with the AIR FORCE National Guard BUT they just keep sending me my DD-214 which only shows my active duty for basic training. I have been through all of the appropriate channels for my state (Louisiana) National Guard and they have all told me that due to the age of my service (Apr 1983 to Apr 1995) that I can ONLY get the form from NPRC.  I was in the AIR FORCE National Guard which I believe is different from the ARMY National Guard process. The state said they would handle this if I had been in the ARMY Guard.  Can someone please help me? I am being sent around in circles, all for this one little piece of paper and I am exhausted. I need this to get a VA loan to buy a home. Thank you