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    Seeking information on the parents of Herbert Retzlaff Sr & Margaret Haglund

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      I seem to have hit a dead end with my grandpa's grandparents. My grandpa, Herbert Walter Retzlaff Jr (b.1945-d.2020) was born in Morrison, MN to Herbert R Retzlaff Sr. and Margaret Mildred Haglund but was raised - along with his brother David - by his aunt Rose and her husband Starr Benner. He grew up with the name Punky Benner but there was never a legal adoption. Growing up the other siblings were thought to have been cousins. Herbert Jr married my grandmother Ricky Annis (b.1947 - still living). Herbert Sr was born in Morrison, MN 1911 to Herman Retzlaff (1862-1930) and Mathilda Augusta Raddatz Retzlaff Bauer (1873-1962) both born in Germany. (Little to no info found for Herbert Sr.). Margaret was born in Howard Lake, MN in 1923 to Carl John Haglund and Pearl Jessie Workman Haglund - Pearl is the daughter of Jesse Christopher Jr and Ida Workman - but that's a whole other mess I'm trying to work through.


      Herman J (not sure of middle name - Julius is most common in search results but none with corresponding DOB) Retzlaff (other variations seen: Harman Rotzalaff, Hermann Retsloff, Retzloff, Herman J Retzlaff, Mr Herman Retzlaff), born 8 APR 1862 in Geno (cannot find a Geno in any search done), Germany - however on the 1905 territorial MN state census it's listed as Denmark but could be an error due to the fact that the family listed above is Danish. Herman died 11 Dec 1930 in Little Falls, Minnesota.


      I haven't been able to find any known parents. I've come across a couple different possibilities but either the DOBs don't match or one set had the parents being born after Herman was (their names are the only two I see attached to in Ancestry Hints and other Family trees I've found - Ernest Charles Herman Retzlaff 1884-1959 and Mathilda Bergeman 1884-1958 both born in Germany)


      In 1895 (?) he was married to Mathilda Augusta Raddatz Retzlaff Bauer (last name variations found: Ruddez, Raddis, Radatz) born 14 JUN 1873 in Germany and died 4 JAN 1962 in Sauk Rapids, MN. I believe her parents are Carl Friedrich Raddatz (1831-?), Auguste Wilhelmine Pitann Raddatz (1841-?) or Henriette Ladwig (?-?) - otherwise I haven't found any actual known parents. I found two parish registers for Matilda, both of them have Carl listed as a father but each one has the two different mothers. Both are from the Pomerania, Germany Parish Register Transcripts 1544-1883. The 1910 Federal Census says that Mathilda was his 2nd marriage but I haven't found a name or any records.


      In 1902 'Hermann Retsloff' , 'Mathilde' and their first 3 children (Paul H, Elsie M (Elise, Elsa), and Arthur William Anton - some records just have his name listed as Anton) immigrated to the United States. They departed on the S.S. Potsdam from Rotterdam on 15 MAY 1902 and arrived at the Port of New York on 26 MAY 1902 their final destination was Hutchinson, MN. On the New York, U.S., Arriving Passenger and Crew Lists - The Nationality listed is German - however the last residence and seaport for landing is illegible. I haven't been able to find any records prior to 1902 (Germany) and then not until 1905. However, on Paul's notice of death newspaper clipping it stated that he was a native of Berlin.

      The 1905 territorial MN state census for Acoma Township, McLeod County, Minnesota says that they had lived in MN for 4 years. They had 8 more children together - Erich (Erick) Henry and  Walter Herman, Rudolph (Rudolf), Frida (Frieda), Katherine (Katy), and Rosa (Rose), Herbert R (my great-grandfather), and Elizabeth (Betty). Sometime after Herman's death in 1930 Mathilda remarried to a man named John S. Bauer (1870-?) - but I've also seen another man named Herman Bauer (?-?).


      Any help filling in gaps, correcting misinformation, or anything else would be a huge help…!! Thank you in advance