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    Instructions for posting?


      I am very frustrated.  Like a few others who have posted, I can't seem to get a question posted on the site? Can you give us some guidance please?

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          Hi Doug -


          I'm sorry you're having trouble posting your question on the site. There are a few ways to ask a question.


          The first is to type your question into the "Ask a Question" box on the homepage. Once you hit submit, you'll be taken to a "Start a discussion" page. The most important thing here is to pick a place to put your question in. Underneath the question box there's a "In a Place" box. Click on "Browse places" and pick a group - if you're not sure what group your question fits under, feel free to put it the "Researchers Help" group and if it belong elsewhere, we the moderators, can move it.


          The other way to post a question is through the group page. On the homepage under the Recent Content you'll find a list of groups. Pick one and you'll get to the group's homepage. There you can ask your question in the box at the top of the page. This time you don't need to select a place because you're already posting in a group.


          Feel free to tag your question so future visitors to History Hub who might have a similar question can find it easily.


          Let us know if that doesn't work.

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