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    Seeking company details about Gramercy

    Stephanie Dieckvoss Newbie

      Hi, I am a UK based researcher and am trying to find out company details about the organisers of the Gramercy International Art Fair in NY from 1994 to 1998, which also took place in LA and Miami. I am interested in how the company was structured and who worked there. In the UK you can search Company house also for historic data but I can't figure out how to access digital info in the US. I also tried to get into Yellow Pages etc but no success. Anyone who can help? Many thanks and best wishes.

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          Rachael Salyer Ranger

          Dear Ms. Dieckvoss,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          The Gramercy International Art Fair was named for the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City, and since it’s initial meetings the fair has become known as The Armory Show. We suggest that you contact them directly for more information about the early structure of their organization. Their website includes a brief history of the “Gramercy Years” and notes that the fair was launched by four New York gallerists—Colin de Land, Pat Hearn, Matthew Marks, and Paul Morrisy. You may be able to learn more about these individuals and their art galleries by contacting professional or trade organizations, such as the Fine Art Dealers Association or the Art Dealers Association of America.


          We also searched WorldCat Identities and located numerous resources related to the Gallery Association of New York State that may be useful for your research. We suggest that you contact your local public or university librarian for assistance accessing these records. You may also wish to contact The New York Public Library for access to directories and other resources related to New York galleries, dealers, exhibits, and more.


          Finally, you may find some relevant information in newspapers like those available from the New York State Historic Newspapers Project or from the Library of Congress Chronicling America website.


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!



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              Stephanie Dieckvoss Newbie

              Dear Rachael,

              Thank you for your extensive reply - let me explain a bit further.

              I have researched all newspaper items about the fair, all published materials and am in touch with relevant people for interviews. I have been able to verify that the Armory Show has no archive prior to 2012. However, thanks for the links to the gallery associations, i haven't been in touch with them yet and will do so.

              However, I would like to re-iterate my special question about the company structure and ask if there are public records in the US that detail what type of company structure with annual returns etc there are.

              To give you an example for the UK, if I look up the Affordable Art Fair, I get the relevant information here:




              So I am specifically interested if there is equivalent information in the US available.


              I hope someone else might be able to help further, but I am grateful also for the links so far.

              Best wishes Stephanie