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    Eastern Creek Judgement Rolls Applications


      Can I get Eastern Creek Judgement Rolls Applications information online for direct descendant of myself Marlene Parker to James Earle EC 11035. Government Docket 21 and 275?

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          Kelly Osborn Tracker

          Those records are in the holdings of the National Archives at Ft. Worth.  They'll need to check to see if the individual is mentioned. They ask that you please submit your request to ftworth.archives@nara.gov.


          I hope this helps!

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              Thank you very much. I previously did this but I was sent what i already had. Maybe now I will have the whole file on myself. Always curious what information the government had on me.

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                Kelly, I emailed and got a call, they do not have any documents. Only what I got previous. I was told to try the American Indian Repository Records, or Bureau of Indian Affairs. I was told most likely they are using my records. I suspect that BIA federal recognition office, may have them, there is a tribe I belong to seeking recognition and using my 4th Great Grandfather James Earl and my family as documented Creek indians still living on original land since 1700. Porch Creek Tribe used his name also and got recognized. I think I need to contact BIA?

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                Marlene If you are currently trying to establish federal recognition. You need to contact the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). The National Archives and Records Administration will not yet have any current records relating to your application. Many, but not all, of the BIA records are not offered to the National Archives until they are 20 years old.


                The Bureau of Indian Affairs has published this book which might be helpful Guide to Tracing Your American Indian Ancestry.


                If you are trying to receive federal recognition as part of the Creek Nation then you will definitely need to contact the BIA and also your Congressional Representatives. From the Frequently asked Questions page of the BIA:


                How is federal recognition status conferred?
                Historically, most of today’s federally recognized tribes received federal recognition status through treaties, acts of Congress, presidential executive orders or other federal administrative actions, or federal court decisions.

                In 1978, the Interior Department issued regulations governing the Federal Acknowledgment Process (FAP) to handle requests for federal recognition from Indian groups whose character and history varied widely in a uniform manner.  These regulations – 25 C.F.R. Part 83 – were revised in 1994 and are still in effect.

                Also in 1994, Congress enacted Public Law 103-454, the Federally Recognized Indian Tribe List Act (108 Stat. 4791, 4792), which formally established three ways in which an Indian group may become federally recognized:

                • By Act of Congress,
                • By the administrative procedures under 25 C.F.R. Part 83, or
                • By decision of a United States court.

                However, a tribe whose relationship with the United States has been expressly terminated by Congress may not use the Federal Acknowledgment Process.  Only Congress can restore federal recognition to a “terminated” tribe.

                The Federally Recognized Indian Tribe List Act also requires the Secretary of the Interior to publish annually a list of the federally recognized tribes in the Federal Register.

                If you think that the BIA has not been forth coming then file a FOIA request. You can find out how to do that right here: Indian Affairs | FOIA .

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                    Thank you for your suggestion. I am not seeking federal recognition, the Muscogee Nation of Florida is. I am seeking my personal file with all the documents that the Bureau of Indian Affairs  (BIA) used to document and pay me for the Creek Judgement Funds. The BIA created a roll of Eastern Creek Indians who would be eligible for Judgement Funds. I was a minor at the time. I am seeking my personal information that the Federal government has on me. I believe you should always know what information the federal government has on you. I want to see my pedigree chart, the documents, supporting approval, Eastern Creek Indian Roll Number, and degree of Indian blood. I will try to contact BIA Federal Recognition Department, and if I have to, request records under Freedom of Information Active.

                    Thank you for you time and advise in this matter

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                    Hi, everyone,


                    This is an update on records request. The (file),  my personal records that were used by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Muscogee Area Office that was in charge of documentation and certification of individuals who were blood decendants of an original Creek Indian, documented living back in the 1700/1800's has not been able to find my file. Requesting under the Freedom of Information act, has shown once again how the United States Federal Government conviently looses documents.

                    The National Archives does have my grandmother's file, but they do not have mine.

                    To me this showes why it is so important for the National Archives Catalog, make/obtain copies of our Nations documents and historical information.

                    The documents that I am seeking, is the document, and/or documentation that shows how the Bureau of Indian Affairs, reached the conclusion that I was a Creek Indian by blood decent and entitled to the Creek Judgement Funds that I received as a child.

                    I know how i am decended. That is not the issue. The issue is I would like to see the document that they used to come to that conclusion. It is my personal information.

                    If the United States  Federal Government, has documented that I  am a Creek Indian gave me Treaty money, which should have gone to my ancestor, why is it that I cannot get any federal assistance to help me. I am a elder and disabled. I have been seeking my personal information for 35 years, with a big run-around like what is going on now.

                    I was to have a written letter stating what was found by October 31, 2016. As of this date nothing.

                    Again this is an update on my records request. It is also showing why the work of so many decated people at all of the National Archives is important. Without all of thoes people, all of tje United States Nation People would not have access to our Nations historical documents/movies as we do now.

                    I thank all the National Archives Staff for keeping our Nations documentation safe and allowing the Nations people to access the information.

                    As for my personal information i am seeking, I will continue to hunt or recieve a satisfactory answer to my request.

                    My Grandpa, General John Stark, cried out to the United States Nations People, "Live Free or Die". I intend to do that. I will keep seeking my personal information until I die. This information is important to pass on to my grandchildren and my decendants to come.

                    Thank you National Archives Staff for your hard work helping me.


                    Marlene Parker

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                        As of today, November 11, 2016, I do not have an answer. ,[ written response from my written Freedom of Information Act request.  There is a log on the Bureau of Indian Affairs Freedom of information Department that you can look at, see all requests, and time period of how long it took and type of question asked. It is very helpful to review and give you idea how to get information. I recommend everyone to check out the FOI link for whatever department you think you can find your information. I am going to call the original clerk at BIA who was helping me to see what is going on with my request.  I will keep everyone apprised of any information I receive.